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The Maroon Bells

I don't think it is possible to shoot a bad photograph here.  Just show up before sunrise when Maroon Lake is glass smooth and shoot away.  Unfortunately this is the most photographed spot in Colorado so it is very popular (Also being in close proximity to Aspen doesn't help).  But if you are there in the early morning you may only have a few other photographers in your way and those who get an early start on a hike up in the mountains.  Most just ignore you until the sun has been up a bit and there's nothing left to shoot.

The best place to stay is the Silver Queen campground on Maroon Creek Rd.  It is less than 10 minutes from Maroon Lake.  The campground only has five sites so getting a reservation a few months in advance of your trip is essential.  Go to: to guarantee a site.  Two other campgrounds along the road are Silver Bell and Silver Bar which can be an option if Silver Queen is full.





Independence Pass, south of Aspen, CO