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Angle Finder C

This attaches to the viewfinder to convert the camera to right angle viewing.  It is a godsend for low level shooting.

It comes with two adapters to fit all EOS cameras and some FD cameras as well.  The Ed-C adapter fits the EOS-3, EOS-A2/A2E/5, EOS-Elan II/IIE/50/50E and the IX series.  Adapter Ec-C fits all other EOS cameras including the 1 series (including F-1) and older stuff.

It comes packaged with a nice nylon pouch to hold and protect it.  (It costs over $170.)

The angle finder lets you view from 90 and all the way around in 45 increments.

It also lets you zoom in on the central portion of the viewfinder by 2.5X for critical focusing.